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Simple guide to fix 90% of issues

Follow these 4 steps in order to sort out virtually any bugs that might arise while using the Android box:

  1. Reset the connection to the Internet.
  2. Apply all available updates.
  3. Refresh the content of the TV application.
  4. If the problem is not fixed, look below for more precise steps or call us directly.

Wi-Fi connection

If an exclamation point or question mark appears on the Wi-Fi icon, you are not connected to the Internet network.

If you are having trouble connecting to the Wi-Fi network, follow these steps:

*Once connected, you can program the cursor button on the controller and do a speedtest: if the cursor programming fails or you receive a result below 25 mbps, use an Ethernet cable, or plug in the supplied antenna to improve Wi-Fi reception.


Before solving a problem, make sure you have a good connection to the Internet and make any available updates.

When you see that number in red above the Updates icon, it is always wise to run the updates to avoid as many issues as possible.

Known issues

I find myself in front of a black screen when trying to view content.

First make sure you are connected to the internet network (See below).
Then make sure you don’t have 2 Arubox TV boxes connected to the same account.

I receive a Code 7 error while connecting to the services.

Your subscription is probably expired. In order to verify this follow these steps:

  • Navigate to the Mytvonline2 app and start it
  • Press MENU
  • Select ‘Connection’
  • Your expiration date will be displayed in the lower left corner of the screen.

To renew the service, go to the subscription page and extend your subscription!

Charging always stops at 10%

100% of the time, you find yourself on a bad internet connection! Follow the instructions below to connect to the Wi-Fi network or preferably use an Ethernet cable and connect the Arubox TV box directly to your modem or router.

How to fix audio problems in some movies?

If your movies have no audio signal, follow these steps to install Audio Optimizer and fix the problem:

My schedule is no longer synchronized or no longer appears.

Follow the next steps to refresh your Arubox TV account. Reconnecting to your Arubox TV account may resynchronize certain services and resolve a problem with the display of the schedule:


How to program the remote control and cursor

To pair the TV remote controller with the Arubox controller:

Bring the 2 controllers face-to-face and leave your finger pressed on the TV button of the Arubox controller until the light stops flashing.

Then, press the POWER / TV button on both controllers simultaneously a single time.

Press the OK button on your Arubox remote control and you’re done. You can now turn on/off your TV and control the sound from your Arubox remote controller. It may not work for some TV model.

How to format my USB drive:

In order to use a new USB 3.0 drive to enable recording functionality, you first need to format the USB drive. To do it simply follow this simple guide: Format a USB drive

Contact our technical support team if you experience technical issues with your devices

7 days 10h00 – 18h00
Customer support (514)-497-0044

Having difficulties with E-transfers?

Follow our complete guide for easy E-Transfers.