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Full installation guide

Complete guide from A to Z instructions to start your Android box and activate your Arubox TV membership.

Before you start


Make sure you have all the provided parts at your disposal:

  • HDMI Cable
  • Batteries
  • Power Cable
  • Remote controller
  • Wi-Fi Antenna
  • Formuler media streamer box
  • Instruction Manual

Step 1: Connecting your AndroidTV Box

  1. Plug in the electrical outlet supplied with your console. Make sure you power your device at a regular voltage outlet.*

    *Some power bars may under voltage, this reduces your Android console’s processor speed and performance.
  2. Connect your supplied HDMI cable, plug it into your box and your television.
  3. Connect the Ethernet cable or;
  4. Screw on the WIFI antenna, if necessary.

Step 2: Connecting your AndroidTV box to the internet

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  1. Click on the WIFI icon at the bottom of your screen (to the right of the Gear Logo)
  2. Click on your Wi-Fi (2.4ghz or 5ghz (if available) and enter your password.

    For an Ethernet cable connection (recommended). Simply plug your Ethernet cable into your entry (the wire is not included with the box)

– We strongly recommend using an Ethernet (wired) connection directly from your internet router to obtain optimal system performance.

– We recommend doing a « speedtest » download test to check if the speed of your internet package is fast enough. The application can be quickly downloaded from the « Market » section of your device.

– The internet speed required for proper operation is 15 mbps (Ethernet) or 30 mbps (Wi-Fi).

Step 3: Familiarize yourself with the system

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Remote control diagram

To pair the TV remote controller with the Arubox controller:

Bring the 2 controllers face-to-face and leave your finger pressed on the TV button of the Arubox controller until the light stops flashing.

Then, press the POWER / TV button on both controllers simultaneously a single time.

Press the OK button on your Arubox remote control and you’re done. You can now turn on/off your TV and control the sound from your Arubox remote controller. It may not work for some TV model.

Guided tour of the Home menu

Using the TV Guide

How to use your TV Guide on Arubox TV
Over 3,500 channels and over 25 categories

How do I find the movie or series I want to listen to?

Follow this guide to search and find your favorite shows quickly. You even have access to movies that are still in theaters. When you want to access the newest releases, make sure you press ‘MENU’ and Refresh in order to ensure the latest content is loaded!

How to lock and unlock a channel?

Follow these steps to lock a channel:

  • Select the channel.
  • Press the Yellow button and the yellow padlock will appear.

And to unlock:

  • Select the channel with a yellow padlock, you will be asked for the parental code.
  • Press the Yellow button and the code will be asked again.

How to change your parental code?

Follow this video to update the parental code used to unlock channels.

*The PIN of the parental code by default is 0000. To modify it, go to MyTvOnline2> Menu> Parental Options> Change Parental Code

How to use the recording and timeshift functions?

To use this function, first insert a USB 3.0 key in the USB port of the Arubox TV box.

  • 1 hour of recording takes up 1 gig of space on the drive.
  • Listen to the content saved on the drive from your computer or elsewhere in Mp4 format
  • Only one program at a time.
  • Once the key is inserted, Timeshift is activated and gives you the power to press pause at any time.
  • Some USB keys may not work
  • Disconnect and reconnect the USB key if necessary

How to delete a saved recording.

  1. Open MyTvOnline2.
  2. Press MENU.
  3. Navigate to ‘Recordings’.
  4. Highlight the sequence to delete and keep the OK button pressed.
  5. Choose the option Delete and ‘ACCEPT’.

How to adjust the framing of the screen size.

Follow this video to adjust the framing of your screen:

*Adjust your screen resolution size by navigating:
Settings> Display> Display area set> adjust

How to change the language in the menus and the TV Guide?

Follow these steps to change the display languages of your Arubox TV: