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Before buying

What is the difference between Z11 PRO and Z11 PRO MAX?

  1. The price: $50 difference
  2. The Z11 PRO has a storage capacity of 16GB while the Z11 PRO MAX has a capacity of 32GB
  3. The Z11 PRO MAX has a faster processor in addition to benefiting from 4GB of RAM versus the Z11 PRO which only offers 2GB of RAM.

For someone who mainly watches TV with the Mytvonline2 app, there is almost no difference. The Z11 PRO MAX might only benefit someone who downloads multiple apps, browses the internet, or plays games. Other than that, it’s virtually identical. Value for money, I would recommend the Z11 PRO.

What is the difference between the old Z10 PRO model and the new Z11 PRO model?

  1. Specks are very similar
  2. The main television program MyTvOnline2 has been replaced by MyTvOnline3
  3. The interface is different; you can change the theme or the color
  4. When doing a search, you can do a global search instead of searching by category
  5. When recording a program, you can listen to another program simultaneously. Something we couldn’t do with the Z10 PRO. You cannot listen to a film and a VOD series simultaneously, however. Only live TV.
  6. Image quality is optimized up to 1000Mbps
  7. Android 11 versus Android 10


Why buy with Arubox instead of Amazon or others?

On Amazon you will only find blank decoders without any guarantee, no programming and you will have to manage on your own to find an IPTV provider. Even harder to find a good one with good stability, picture quality and the choice of channels you want. Nobody to guide you and no technical support

Buying with Arubox is buying peace of mind. A simple and effective turnkey package with the best pre-programmed streaming decoder, a 1-year warranty, free VPN included, home installation or shipping included, 1 month free subscription to the best server designed for French-speaking people and English speaking, better stability and top image quality as well as a technical support telephone line open 7 days a week. We are THE streaming specialists in Quebec

If I have multiple TVs, do I have to buy multiple boxes?

Unfortunately yes, the box only works on one TV at a time but the good news is that it’s super easy to move it from room to room or take it with you to a friend’s house, to the cottage or on a trip. Wherever there is WIFI.

Arubox subscription services are offered without a contract?

Yes, Arubox’s service is prepaid as a 3-month prepayment via interac transfer.

How do I get a device?

Visit our terminals page and add your terminal to your shopping cart. Complete your transaction with your credit card from the comfort of your own home.

I would like to buy my terminal in person, is it possible?

Contact us, it will be our pleasure to refer you to our nearest point of service.

I don’t know anything about terminal installation, can you send technicians?

Yes if you are within a region covered buy one of our technician. No if you are not within one of the covered regions. Call or write us to know if your region is covered. Arubox devices are so easy to install. Consult the installation guide page and if you still have any problems, contact our support team.

Are the channels you are viewing provided on demand?

No, Arubox subscriptions offer all channels at once. You’ll have access to more channels and content than ever before.

Is an internet connection mandatory?

Yes, you must have an internet connection. We highly recommend a high speed internet connection to get the best use.

Can we do the recording with arubox devices?

Yes, you will have the possibility to connect on external media to record to USB 3.0 key.

Can we play 4K?

Yes the box can play 4K but only on Youtube, if you have a 4K TV and a strong enough internet to support it. Internet TV servers are not yet advanced enough to provide you with all channels at 2160p and above.

Why would I buy a Formuler box instead of another model?

The Z10 android box from Formuler is the #1 box on the market thanks to its MytvOnline2 program. You will find a schedule that is super easy to use, a quality remote controller, easy to save or create favorites and navigate to your favorite channels. Built-in Widevine DRM unlocks access to premium and ultra-high definition content. Unparalleled OTT experience.

Once connected

Is there a schedule and tv guide available?

Yes, all Arubox services include a comprehensive tv guide for your favorite channels.

Does Arubox TV come with a remote controller?

Yes, Arubox TV includes a remote controller.

Does Arubox TV offer history and favorites options?

Yes, Arubox TV has all these.

Does Arubox TV offer searching and sorting options?

Yes, Arubox TV has all these.

Does the media player used by Arubox TV offer languages, subtitles and information on the current viewing?

Yes, Arubox TV has all these in real time without interrupting your viewing.